Mom Guilt is Real

Natasha • Mommy to a beautiful baby girl born April 2nd 2019

So I had my first bout of mom guilt today, my baby girl is nearly 5 months old and 1.5 weeks ago she popped her first tooth, on friday she spiked a temperature of 102.6 which I put down to teething as her second bottom tooth was about to break through. On sunday it broke through and at this point she still had had a consistent temperature of 101.3, when her temperature went back up yesterday to 102.3 I called and made a doctors appointment for today, as I sensed something was not right. The doctor sent me to the children's emergency with her as there was nothing visibly wrong. 4 hours in emergency, one catheter, and a lot of tears later we discover she has a bladder infection. I feel so awful that I didnt take her in sooner, the doctor advised that I did the right thing, and with a antibiotics she will be feeling much better in a couple of days. All I can say is listen to your mommy instincts if you think something is wrong it probably is. I let my mum convince me it was just a fever due to teething, when I sensed it was something else (the doctor confirmed tonight teething does not cause a fever over 100) I wish I had followed my instinct sooner.