Birth of Astrid at 39 weeks


August 8th at 39 weeks around 2am I felt a slight wetness in my panty and got up to the restroom. Didn’t smell like urine. Held out for a little while then felt more wetness and by this time I changed my panty 3x! Around 2:30 told my SO to head to L&D and confirmed it was my water and 4cm dilated still( been a 4 for about 3weeks). Contractions were 2-4 min apart but I wasn’t feeling the pain cuz I’ve been adjusted to the early contractions pain since 16weeks!!i An hour later I was dilated to 5cm and was told I can get the epidural for pain. By 7am I was only dilated to 6cm so they gave me pitocin. I slept after that until 9:30 am they checked me and I was still 6cm. At noon I was 7cm and by 2:30 I was 7.5cm and dr asked if I wanted the epidural. I had to contemplate cuz my contractions weren’t painful and thought to myself maybe I should go natural then I thought bck to all the other births and remembered the pain — so I opted for the epidural. At 3pm they checked me and I was at 8cm and I had the epidural. Within 10 minutes, I felt so much pressure down there and by 3:30 the nurses and the residents were just waiting for my dr to come so she can deliver the baby. So am sitting and feeling the extreme pressure so anesthesiologist gave me more med until the dr arrived at 4:10 when the dr arrived. I pushed 3x with each sets 3 pushing through the contractions!! Astrid arrived at 4:20 pm weighed 8lbs, 20.5inches on August 8th! I had a second degree tear. She is now 2weeks and 5 days today and each day my so blessed and grateful for her