Should I see a therapist

Ok so all throughout my like I was put in small religious private schools. Religion was pushed on me and I was always the odd one out of my class. So I never really had friends and I didn’t have a social life or anything till 9th grade when I was put in public school. I started forming friends, best friends, and now I have a boyfriend of 4 months and me and him are best friends 5 months before we started dating. I have to go to my moms for summer and I had anxiety the first couple days. And then I went on vacation with my moms family and I had anxiety then. When I got. Back to my dads and went on vacation with my dads family out of country I had anxiety that was even worse. I seem to get anxiety when I’m away from my mom or dads house and when I’m far away from friends. I said something to them yesterday and my stepmom is getting me and appointment with a therapist. Along with that I grew up around people who would joke about the worst stuff. Like when I was 11 they would call me saying my cat died as a joke for them. Now I don’t know the difference between a joke and someone being serious unless they are laughing or smiling when they do it. So I easily feel overwhelmed when I feel someone is yelling at me for something I didn’t do or when I did something I didn’t notice I was doing. I brought all of this to notice of my dad, stepmom, and mom within the last couple days. The only person that has known about this stuff is my boyfriend. Sorry for the long paragraph.