EDIT**. Loosing my shit

Alright this is gunna be long. And probably petty. If you have rude comments. Just keep them to yourself honestly. I’m here to vent this shit out that’s on my chest rather then exploding on the people I live with. Alright so my boyfriend and I live together And we have lived together for a while now. Now I moved in with him not even a month after he bought this house. The plan was his brother was gunna love with him but he ended up asking me as well. So I said yeah. So whatever fast forward. Don’t get me wrong I love his brother like my own. Meaning he’s like family but I’m about to choke the mf life from him. So he’s 19.. let’s start there. So he leaves for a month for the army and he comes home. Not even saying hi when he got home the first thing he says is. “I don’t care what anyone says. I’m having fun before I leave again”. Okay? Cool. Whatever that means. WHAT I DIDNT KNOW, was in one week I’d have 5 different fucking girls in and out of our house. Mind you this kid don’t fucking pay bills, doesn’t buy grocery, if we ask him to pick up some things on the way home from where he is... he don’t even end up coming the fuck home.. whatever dude. So I sat down with my boyfriend because it is his house. However he reminds me all the time that’s it’s mine too but I split the bills ect. Anyways I sat down and had a lovely conversation with him. I told him that I don’t feel comfortable with this. I leave my purse out. My wallet out. My expensive makeup in the bathroom. This our my home and where I live, I shouldn’t have to feel like I need to watch were I leave my stuff. I don’t know these girls. And girls are shady. We all know that. He doesn’t even know some of them. There from tinder sometimes. So how do I know if they won’t go through my stuff. So now all my Shit is in a corner of our bedroom because I don’t want no one taking my Shit. Not only that I don’t feel comfortable seeing these random girls leave everyday. I mean I Shit y’all not, this dude woke up on morning to take a girl hole and came back 5 hours later with a whole other girl. That shit is foul asf. Plus my boyfriend has a son. On the days we get him he shouldn’t be seeing this shit. Soo fast forward a bit. He’s been gone a week for the army again and just came home again. So my boyfriend had a talk with him. Told him that he didn’t want any girls at the house. Unless it’s someone he’s dating. Because truthfully he doesn’t wanna be around it either. He doesn’t wanna hear it or worry about where his wallet is ect. And we don’t ask anything of this kid. I can’t even get him to do the dishes without bribing him. It’s pathetic asf. I do all the fucking cleaning and I don’t mind. I enjoy it. But we ask nothing of him!! The least my boyfriend asked was that no random bitches at the house. What the fuck does he do?! He comes the fuck home and while my boyfriend had his back turned he snuck a bitch upstairs. How do I know? I have a camera on my fucking door. Now I’m extremely irate. Not only because I have ANOTHER unknown bitch in our house but even more at the fact that he totally showed nothing but disrespect to my boyfriend, his brother.. my bf asks nothing of him. And the one thing he does ask he can’t give a shit about and just understand. His entire family agrees with us too. So I’m in our bedroom like are you fucking serious. Are you fucking serious. (I sometimes just lose my cool) my bf is like what’s wrong. I said you asked him to not do this anymore and he does what he fuckin wants anyways! He had no clue. Until I told him because he waited till his back was turned to get her in his room. Well apparently I was a little too loud and they both heard. Okay. Well cool Good for you. Wel his brother texted him saying you won’t hear anything. She’s on her period. She’s here to cuddle and play pool. Which brings up another ignorant point. He came home after I got all my furniture in our house. I set up a whole ass man cave for my man. He has the nerve to be like I’m fucking all over this down here. This shit is sweet. What?! Like no. I’m sorry but my boyfriend and myself don’t even do that because like we have family over all the time. Bro i don’t want my family sitting is old cum or something. That’s rude asf and dirty. Like I just can’t even deal with the ignorance anymore. I looked right at my boyfriend tonight and was like he has nothing but disrespect for you. Just hope this makes you realize that. Dude fuck that. Thanks for reading or at least letting me vent this 🙌🏽


there was no agreement in place because it was between me boyfriend and his brother at the time when he originally bought the house. But like I said. I moved in not even a month after they did. And the way I see it.. I provide them a clean house. I provide them home made meals almost every other day. My boyfriend is grateful and he shows his appreciation as he should.. but his brother... he doesn’t do a damn thing unless asked too or bribed. Here’s a good example of the ignorance. I spend about 4-5 hours everyday Saturday or Sunday cleaning in the morning when I first wake up. I’m an early bird so like 7am till whenever I’m done. I do it while they’re still asleep. Not that our house is dirty, but I’m a little ocd and I like a clean out and through the week it gets messy so whatever I clean on the weekends. So I took a day and did my cleaning. That night he came home I heard him eating. No biggie right. I woke up the next morning to bbq sauce dried on my counter dishes all in my sink. And meatless rib bones on my counter. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. The rules need to be set in stone. So yes I agree. But my boyfriend tried to set some and clearly that didn’t work. He said a while ago when the whole girls thing came up between us that he didn’t wanna kick his brother out. Okay well I’m not living in a Whore house and I’m not trying to make anyone chose but you need to put your foot down better then because clearly he has no respect for what you even spoke with him about. As far as paying rent. I did tell my BF that his brother will be paying rent when he officially comes home from the army for good after his long deployment. Because I will not take care of him. He does make money but blows it on driving around and tattoos and shit. And right now he’s been home for a week every other month. So can’t ask for rent I guess until he’s home completely. But honestly y’all I don’t want him to come back home here. Truthfully. He keeps throwing in my face “let’s not forget who’s been here longer” “let’s not forget who’s house this is”. BOY I know you’re not saying that shit to me because let not forget who’s been providing you a clean house since you moved in. Let’s not forget who paying 50% of the bills here. Let’s not forget who just spent 400$ of their own money on food for the house the beginning of the month that you eat so you don’t get hungry. Or who provides the meals in the evening so you don’t gotta cook.

I know I sound heartless right now but honestly I’ve been holding so much in. It feels great to get it out.