Need to vent

So I recently came into a good chunk of money. Social security had been mispaying me and gave me a check for all the back pay they owe me. Now my fiance is a horrible spender so I didnt tell him how much money i recieved. I told him I had only gotten 800 dollars when I actually got over 10 times that amount. So my mother is my payee, she is in charge of that account because I was deemed unfit due to my mental health (PTSD, depression, bpd).

So my mother took me to kohls so I could get some new things. I got 4 new bras because the ones I have are seven years old, new undies and some maternity clothes because I'm expecting and needed some things to accommodate the growing belly. I then got my son a new fall wardrobe because he has been growing out of his clothes and needed new ones and I bought the new baby a few things also. I spent a little over 400 dollars which wasnt bad for the amount of things I got. She also gave me 400 dollars to put in my bank account.

So I get home and my fiance asks if I got him anything. I asked him what exactly he needed because hes constantly buying himself new shirts and shoes and just spending like crazy. So he said he needed new shorts. I told him to go online and find a few pairs and I'll order them. He picked out three pairs of nike shorts and they were 100 dollars for just three pairs of shorts but he said he needed them, which he did, so I ordered them.

Last Friday he was also saying how he only had 40 dollars left after paying bills. We also decided to do pizza for dinner because I had to work late one night, so I gave him 100 dollars. I told him to use it for dinner, put gas in the car and keep the leftover for things he may need throughout the week.

Tonight, four days later he tells me hes struggling to pay his bills and that hes broke and asked me for a few dollars so he could get a coffee on his way to work. I ended up checking the bank account and he spent half the money I gave him on his xbox. So I of course called him out on it. And he got so angry

He was telling me that he shouldn't have said anything and just forget it. And I'm frustrated because he asks me for money constantly, every single week. He brings home three times the amount I do and yet he still asks me for money and he doesnt see how that's a problem. And then he started going off about how I spent 400 dollars at kohls and never bothered asking him if he needed any help with his bills. Like what the hell? He wasn't complaining when I spent 100 dollars on shorts for him. Or the 100 dollar bill I gave him apparently wasnt enough either. Not to mention he wants me to give him my tax return so he can pay off the 3000 dollars worth of debt that's effecting his credit score.

I'm just at my wits end and about ready to call it quits. It's like if I dont have money to hand over to him he gets pissed. And when I do get money it's like I'm expected to just give it to him. I work part time and am home most of the time with our autistic child. I get just enough each month to pay my bills and have maybe 100 dollars of free spending money each month which I've been trying to save for the baby and during my maternity leave. I'm just so over it.

@Mrs. He pays rent, electric and his car payment, insurance and phone bill. I pay for cable and internet, groceries and anything our son may need as well as my car payment, insurance and phone bill. The bills are split up extremely fair considering he brings home over 2400 dollars a month and I bring in maybe 800 (that's including ss and my part time job)