My husband always threatens divorce if I don’t talk or do things how he wants me to.

So the title says it all. Let me start off by saying he is a very moody person. He can be very cold and mean and verbally not nice. I’ll take it and I’ll take it and I’ll take it until I had enough. So yesterday I had enough . I told him to go suck it because he was being a total jerk again. Then I went with our baby to go get diapers. He freaked out . Texting me he wants a divorce and that my mom can go suck it etc. so I decided not to come back for a while until he stopped freaking out. Well that only made things worse. He threatened to divorce me and all I ever do is cause drama and I’m unstable and crazy and I don’t understand him. So I came back home and he was still not nice at all. Even worse probably . We got into a fight then ended up going to bed upset at each other. So today I tried to talk to him and apologize just so we can move on in peace and he wasn’t having it. He said I act like a man, all I do is stress him out, no matter what he says to me I’m not aloud to say anything back to him. Example: he can call me a bitch and tell me to shut the f up and I’m not allowed to tell him anything in response. He told me if I don’t change my craziness then he wants a divorce. I’m so drained. I’ve been crying all day and he has been awful. Also I’m 25 weeks pregnant and very emotional and he doesn’t understand that . There is no room for error with him. Please be nice ladies. I know I’m not perfect and didn’t handle the situation as good as I could have. I don’t know what to do anymore.

So I might also add that he has said he wants divorce many times and so have I but I actually meant it and hired an attorney and did it all. He begged and begged to give him one more chance and so I did ...only to get back to this. I feel so stupid for bing him another chance.