Why, though??

Keeping this anonymous because reasons.

But here we go.

My ex, and father of my child is in jail because he violated the DNC in place after he strangled me multiple times on different occasions last year.

I struggled to stay with him for the sake of our child but once they were born, it all came to fruition that he needed to go.

He had been emotionally abusive the whole time but I was blind to it and defended him.

I ended things about a month ago.

I have a friend who I've only known for 4 months. He expressed interest in me 2 months ago. (Yes, he knew about the father, yes I met him while pregnant)

I have not once indicated a shared interest. On the contrary I've been very vocal on my desire to remain single and focus on my wellbeing and my child.

Today he informed me we cant be friends after I told him I'm emotionally unavailable for god knows how long in response to his inquiry if I was interested in him- again.

I have not once led him to think otherwise. I've hung out with him, with the exception of one time, in group settings. I don't flirt or speak of dating.

So why does he think I'd be interested??

It's not just interest in him that I don't have, it's interest in people and dating in general.

I'm so guarded and incapable of trusting now, more so with a newborn on my hip and being a single mum.

Am I wrong to not want to date him, or anyone??

I don't think I am... but please feel free to tell me otherwise if I am.