Is he being greedy with food? (Rant)

So, household of 4.

Mom, step dad, boyfriend and I.

We pay our fair share of bills, (1/2 rent, 1/2 light bill)

Well, In the past 2 months, boyfriend complains that my parents eat “his” avocados, or how my mom cooked “our” steak.

Now keep in mind, when we first moved in, we all agreed to purchase groceries at alternating weeks. So like, week 1 we buy groceries. Week 2 my parents do.

But in the past two months, my parents have only purchased groceries twice.

Now because of this, we have spent a little more on groceries. Because of this, I have spoken to my parents on how they haven’t bought groceries in a while and how I think we should purchase our food separately.

Step dad flipped out and said how they’ve been buying frequently and shit. (not true)

And moms response was that she didn’t want to seem like a household that doesn’t share food. So I let it slide.

Well, the other day, my boyfriend took the avocados into the room because “step dad will end up eating them all”

Or “I wish there was a way to keep our food in our room”

Like. Boyfriend gets upset when they touch our food. And yes I understand, lately it’s like we’ve been providing for my parents and I see the frustration, but my real question is, is my boyfriend being greedy with food?

He comes from a family of 6 where the mom would cook food and whoever got to the food first ate, and whoever didn’t well, didn’t eat.

Please no hate on this post