I’m in luck for a great paying job but afraid of putting my child in daycare full time :/

Soo I’m stuck with deciding if I should take this job offer which is full time day shift 6:15AM-2:45PM, but there is a Ywca daycare literally 5 mins away that opens from 5:30AM. This job position literally comes around very rarely. I’m just not sure if I should take it at the expense of waking up my daughter to leave her at daycare for 8 hrs full time in a daycare. This job will pay off all our bills, pay for her at daycare full time and I’d still be able to buy anything we need and put a decent amount away in my savings. It all sounds so good but I just don’t know about dropping my daughter off at daycare so early and full time. There’s no other option to not put her in daycare full time if I ever take this job. Her dad and I aren’t together but he’s also working and lives 20 minutes away, doesn’t have a car or license and won’t be coming to pick her up or anything because he’s focused on his own needs and comes see our daughter whenever he pleases or whenever he can find I ride I guess so that’s not even an option. Currently I’m part time 10:30-7 and she goes to my grandparents 2x a week at the most and my mom watches her the other 2-3 days I work within a 2 week pay periods. It’s comfortable but can’t afford much . I could pick up some extra hours here and there which I’m grateful for but now that this job I’ve been even waiting on it since before I planned to have my daughter and I know life needs to adjust once having kids so idk if I’d even survive working and putting my daughter through that as well... what would you do ? Or if you currently work full time and have your little one(s) In daycare full time how do you feel ?