Pulled muscle??


I’m going to preface this and say google is not my friend

I’m 30 weeks right now (woo!!!) and I think I pulled a muscle in my abdomen or I’m dying (google said so). I called my advice nurse and she said everything I told her sounded like a muscle strain and asked if i had a belly band

I told her no because tbh my bump is still the same size it was at 20 weeks (he’s growing normally, just more so in my back)

And she told me to go buy one


But the minute I got it on and situated I felt instant relief (still some discomfort but, better)

I’m still mildly worried because my placenta is on the front of my uterus and my best friend lost her baby boy due to placenta abruption which is instantly what came to mind when I got this pain.

So prayers of peace of mind and quick healing would be really appreciated 😫

I tend to get paranoid and worry over little tiny things, mostly because this pregnancy has been a ROLLER COASTER of emotions and some mild problems.