Change of plans


I’m 33w2d and went in for ultrasound today to get a handle on how big little man is getting. Turns out he is NOT little at all! He’s measuring 37/38 weeks and all indications show he’s close to 7lbs. 😳😢 All of the men in my family have been enormous babies (and have been 6’4”-6’6” as adults) so I guess I’m not surprised. I do have GD so that doesn’t help things.

Anyway, I’m an older FTM and we talked through the pros and cons of natural vaginal birth like I’ve been planning versus c-section. We talked through his growth and how big he will likely be at 35/37/39 weeks, and I agreed it makes more sense (for me) to schedule a c-section after my next ultrasound if he’s indeed growing at the pace they think he will continue.

I’m really sad this is how it’s turned out BUT I 100% want to do what’s best for baby. My question is really...what would you do?? My doctor said of course absolutely if I say “no way I don’t want to schedule a c-section” and see what happens, we can do that. That said, I’m more likely to have emergency c-section due to his size. 😩

I feel so torn as to know what to do. My next appointment is in 2 weeks and he’ll be measured again then, then every week after.

Thank you for any advice you can give me!!!