Is this onset of labour?


Hi all, just after a little labour advice as I’m a FTM. Currently 40 + 4.

Yesterday I had lower back ache all day which spread to my hips but did not have any stomach pains. I had slept a little longer and do suffer with bad back anyway from time to time (pre pregnancy) so thought my back pain might have been because I’d been lying down longer than usual. I needed frequent trips to the toilet but barely anything passed although I did have loose stools. I didn’t sleep very well last night due to needing the toilet and having sore back and hips.

When I woke up this morning a felt shaky and stiff and a little off. About an hour after being up I felt a little wet so went and checked and there was a little blood. Nothing much, just like you’d have at the beginning of your period but it wasn’t jelly like so wouldn’t say it was my mucus plug.

Since then it has become more jelly like so I’m assuming it my mucus plug coming out gradually.

I’m now getting period like pains in my lower back, which I get more so than stomach cramps during my normal periods. These are definitely more cramp like than yesterday as they come and go.

I was due a midwife appointment this morning, which I attended. I mentioned the above symptoms and she said ‘ok, could be a sign then’. She then asked if I wanted a sweep so I agreed. Unfortunately it was quite painful so she wasn’t able to reach the cervix. She did say the baby’s head was really low though and this can sometimes stop them from getting to the cervix. Before my appointment I was quite confident that I was in early labour but now I feel like I’m not at all and she has booked me in for another midwife appointment next Wednesday.

What do you all think? I get the feeling the midwife wasn’t committing to anything really and just kept saying ‘it’s hard to know when, could be this weekend or could be next week. Just keep an eye on baby activity’.

Sorry for the long post but in summary I have:

- Lower back pain

- Period like cramps

- Mucus plug

- Irritability

- Loose stools

- Pressure in my pelvic area

Any advice would be gratefully received xx