Lung Development Shot


Did anyone have to take the shot to help with their baby’s lung development. I am currently 36w4 days and will be delivering next Tuesday at 37 weeks. I went in today for the first dose, and I have to go back tomorrow for the second dose. I have been feeling so drained and dizzy since taking the shot. I barely made it home, because I was getting sleepy while driving. I also have gestational diabetes. I ate 2 tacos on the carb balance tortillas that are 4g if carbs (it never makes my sugar go up) at 1130 this morning, and I woke up from a nap about 1/130 and ate half of a strawberry wheat bar.. well, I just checked my sugar about 30 mins ago and it is 183 😱.. it has never been that high, especially considering I haven’t eaten since lunch and now I’m scared to eat anything at all... I’ve called the emergency line for a doctor to call me back about the side affects. I googled the shot and it can cause blood sugar levels to increase. I’m

just so scared because I want to make sure my baby is okay! I’ve come to far for anything to happen. I just wished I would have asked more questions/ this shot was explained to me more so I would have known what to expect.

*** Update***

I went to the hospital last night.. I went to the ER and I overheard one on the admissions clerks trying to downplay that my blood sugar was 225 (that is more than double of what I’m used too) I have been so controlled to make sure myself and baby remain healthy. I heard one of the other ladies telling him I needed to be in L&D, and he needed to call over there and let the know ASAP. First, L&D in deliver told him they wasn’t worried about my sugar readings, because that’s normal for a steroid shot. I completely understand tht, but I wasn’t given any information about this shot and what the possible side affects would be. That’s the reason no one ever called me back 🤬. L&D said they were booked and had no room for me. I had to tell them that I hadn’t felt my baby move and I was worried. That’s when they finally called me back. They monitored the baby for hours. The nurses and doctors were wonderful. Both doctors couldn’t believe that I wasnt told about the side effects, especially considering I am diabetic. One doctor told me that she would never give a 36 week patient, who is about to deliver a baby in 3 days a steroid-shot, who is diabetic, because of the side effects, and it can cause issues for the baby upon delivery. She basically told not to come back for the second dose today, because it hasn’t been medically proven that the shot will even develop the baby lungs. Today I am 36w6d.. She explained that the shot is given weeks before that for people who are at risk of preterm labor.

She contacted my doctor and told her what was going on. My doctor wants me to modify my diet for the weekend to help with my sugar, and she said not to alter my insulin because I am too close to delivery. I’m so scared to check my fasting number in a few hours or to even eat. The doctor told me if my fasting number is over 100, I need to call and let them know and most likely I will have to come back to the hospital. This weekend was suppose to be special and bonding time for me and my oldest son who is 8, but it seems like I might be spending my time in the hospital. I am so hurt and frustrated right now. Please send prayers and good vibes my way today!