I hate my boyfriends girl best friend


So my boyfriend and I have been together for a couple of months now and things have been great but I hate his girl bestfriend. Him and I went out to eat one time and she showed up to the restaurant because she has his location and decided to sit outside. Everything got really awkward and when I said for him to tell her to come inside because it was weird that she was just watching us, she sat next to him and I was left out of the conversation. Anyone on the outside would have sworn that they were together and I was third wheeling. When him and I are together, even in intimate moments where we can be in the middle of having sex, she’ll call him about 15 times and he’ll decline the call every time and when he does answer, she speaks to him as if he’s obligated to be there at her demand. She constantly tries to show off the fact that they’re friends and it’s only annoying me because he won’t let me say anything to her. I’ve realized that 1) he’s oblivious to the fact that she’s trying to make me jealous and 2) that she literally has him on a leash. It makes me very uneasy and I’ve considered breaking up with him because this is too much weight on my mind. I struggle with bipolar disorder so I have episodes often and he always thinks I want to start an argument but it’s literally me expressing how I feel. He’s not gonna drop her. And he has said that all his ex girlfriends have hated his best friend too. Is it wrong if I say something to her? Is it wrong if I break up with him. I’m really stuck here and I love this guy but I can’t give my all to a relationship where it’s like this girl thinks he’s her man.