Pretty girls confuse me


So I am single, in my 30’s and about 100 pounds over weight. I’ve noticed there are girls who are WAY prettier than me who act like I’m a threat. It is mostly women with a husband or boyfriend. In only one instance did I work with this one woman’s husband. We were co-workers and that was the extent of the relationship. No flirting, texting or any communication outside of work. I ALWAYS respect anyone’s relationship and will not try to sabotage it in anyway. The other women I only saw their man from a distance and never gave them a second glance. Yet they will see me and start to act like they are about to throw down for their man. I’m like I know I’m not a 10 or even an 8 because of my weight so why do they act that way? Plus I think their men are ugly so I know I’m not giving off flirty vibes.