Is it wrong of me to not want him at the birth?

Recently just broke up and I could go in labour any day now and I know him being there will just make me feel so shit and I don’t want his presence to ruin that moment for me.

So he was meant to come over tonight, tonight comes he’s at the movies with ‘friends’ the film was meant to be on an hour and a half I didn’t hear from him for 3 hours. He’s just called me completely drunk, and I can hear his friends in the back ground saying so you want some more charlie (sniff) and he’s like I’m going back in the club for 2 more drinks I’ll be coming yours soon leave the door open or I’ll bang on it until you answer,

I’m just tired of his shit he will do this almost every weekend, whilst promising to see me and having me wait up all night. He’s cheated previously and knows clubbing is out of order and his friends are no better.

I’m scared of going into labour and not being able to reach him because he’s out clubbing. I don’t want to depend on him as a birth partner and don’t want him there at all he’s had no respect for me this whole pregnancy and continues to act like a child and make everything else a priority over me and baby,

Am I selfish for not wanting him there?

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