problems with my mom

if you dont like my lack of punctuation and grammar then just skip this post

im only 13 but i struggle with some heavy shit and im really tired of it. on the drive to school i was on my phone and then my mom starts telling me how ill never make it in life because i was on my phone. and her exact words were "i wish you were in a foster home. then you can see what the real world is like. youll get beat up and raped and touched." i didnt even want to go to school anymore after hearing that from my own damn mom. not only this but another time i slept in 5 minutes later than usual and my mom thought i was going to try staying home from school so she decided to get a spatula and hit me in the arm with it until i got up. sometimes ill just be minding my business and shell just scoff at me and complain under her breath about how im "a useless little bitch"

i dont really know why im posting this and i dont know what feedback i even want in the first place, but i dont have anyone else to tell this too.