End stretch


Im getting to that irritated all the time phase... the closer we get the more anxiety I get about people and having to communicate things I feel are common sense. Example; I have to keep telling my fiancé I expect anyone that wants to camp out at the hospital to wait in the waiting room and not even think their gonna hang out in the room.

Than it’s my mother in law who some how thinks she has all these rights and keeps talking about “her time” I’m happy she’s excited but it’s just something so annoying about people acting like they have participated in carrying this child.

I keep thinking about how his mom will assume she can hang out in the hospital during birth and afterwards when we come home.

I’m just a very private my own space kind of person, and have a lot of boundaries.

Trying to calm my anxieties about all the annoying things but very hard when people constantly remind you they’re annoying!