Husbands with crappy sex drive! Help!

Meagan • Our first sweet baby girl was born August 2016... I've had 2 miscarriages since August 2018... trying for my rainbow baby! 🌈

So apparently I married the unicorn of men bc my guy does NOT have the normal male sex drive. Weve had issues with it since we were just dating. And his drive often comes very randomly and in waves...not the normal male everyday type thing! I've come to terms with it mostly, but IM TRYING TO GET PREGNANT right now! And honestly it feels like I'm burdening him about it. He wants another baby so that's not it before you ask... but it's like last night I caught myself asking him "Do you even know how babies are made?" Im just annoyed. Yesterday I let him know... hey I have a positive ovulation test and he responds with an eye roll and groan? Followed with an I'm tired, hurry up, can you just bend over type attitude. Wtf? Does anyone else suffer with this nightmare?!? Heeeeelp!