So embarrassed!!!!! Update I had my baby!!


I was induced at 38 weeks. Never got my dramatic water breaking experience haha

So my husband and I decide to have sex last night. I’m 35 weeks pregnant, we just moved, and we have a two year old so it’s been A WHILE.

We are having sex it’s great. Well as soon as I get on top of him I thought my water broke. He did too. There was fluids everywhere. And it kept coming. Ruined my comforter and one of my pillows.

I put on a pad and wait an hour, it’s not soaking through. But I wake up at 5am and I’m having contractions, so I’m like I better go to L&D just to be sure. Because now I’m SURE it was my water.

So they monitor the baby for a while and then come in and ask me questions and I tell them the story. Even my husband chimes in and says he thinks it was my water because of how much there was.

So they have the dr check me.

Nope it wasn’t my water.

I literally went in to L&D because I squirted and sex caused Braxton Hicks contractions


I’m so embarrassed but at least I have peace of mind. 4 weeks to go.