Pregnancy Discrimination *warning long read

I'm gonna try my best not to drag this post out but I'm really curious if there's anyone else that has been scared to speak up or basically signed over your rights to talk about it.

I worked for a small insurance agency and I can't express enough how much I LOVED my job. The receptionist was my best friend of 14 years, I had my own office, I exceeded my goal every month, I never missed a day of work besides when I was sick twice which the boss made me go home. I can honestly say I was good at my job and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Right before starting I got married and even in my interview I expressed me and my husbands plan on having a baby. He seemed to be excited and said he was a big family man. Which I got excited about because not many employers seem to be about family these days. Needless to say I never been so wrong or fooled in my life.

My whole pregnancy it was great right until it was time for maternity leave. I was getting close to going into labor (women just know) and decided to let him know so he called and asked how long I plan to be gone and I said just the regular (12 weeks) he said he can't have me gone for that long because he's a small business and I said that's understandable what would work for you and he said (8 week) because and I quote " he can't hire a temp or a part timer and he can't afford more than 3 LSPs (with me was 3) and he told me in the same sentence he has an interview scheduled. I immediately questioned him and he told me every pregnant women that has worked for him never returns and I clearly stated I needed my job and to send me an email saying I get my same position and same pay returning in 8 weeks. He refused!!! And asked for my office key back. I went into labor that night and during my maternity leave he refused to pay me my vacation I saved and my bonuses that I earned. Then he change the bonus structure for literally only me if I were to return to work. Kept telling me to quit, wouldn't tell me if I still had a job or anything. I finally just went into the office and he called the cops on me for asking in a CALM manner if I still had a job. He fired me not too much longer after that.

At this time I already had a lawyer. And he tried to counter sew me for telling my mother what happened. In the mean time my "best friend" that was completely on my side and only witness just quit talking to me. Well I found out that he gave her 2 raises, rented her out a vacation home, and gave her $2000 (just because)

It's been 9 months since this happened and my heart is broken and I've never been so lost. No he didn't physically hurt me but this emotionally ruined me. I lost my job, my best friend, my confidence, and even a bit of my Independence. I never been one of those women out there with a picket sign demanding rights but now I understand why they do. It's 2019 why are women being punished for having children!?!?