So jealous

Breeze • 1st baby boy born Oct 11,2019 💚

I haven’t had an ultrasound picture is so long. My new OB sucks and won’t print any pictures of my baby. I’m 34 weeks, and the last time I got prints was during my anatomy scan with a different office in June (at 22weeks).

Every time I go to the doctors he literally just says“here’s the head”, and plays the heart beat for literally like 5 seconds and says see you next week. Since I been going to him since June he hasn’t told me how much the baby weighs, how long. Nothing. It takes longer to make an appointment than the time I actually spend in the room with my OB.

I’ve asked the nurse if I can get a photo and they love saying their machine won’t capture the whole baby 😪

I don’t know the gender only boyfriend since the doctor had me look awhile but she at least printed two photos for me and that was the last time