Why does my baby do this??


Ladies, I need some help! So my son is almost four months old and for almost two months, he's been doing what I call his "panic attacks". He'll be sitting there and all of a sudden he'll throw his arms straight out and gasp for air. It only lasts for a few seconds and sometimes he'll do it several times in a row and then be okay. My friend was around one time when he was doing it and she said her daughter used to do the same thing and the doctor told her it was because she felt like she was falling? It just doesn't sound right to me but the doctor just said to put your hand on their chest and they'll eventually grow out of it but it's been two months already and sometimes it's worse. I just feel horrible because he'll have a panicked look on his face, like he can't catch his breath. And I am pretty certain it's not the Moro reflex because he used to do that and it looked completely different. Any help please?