This could end in disaster....


So basically my [25f] boyfriends [29m] ex has tried to come between us for the first like 5 months of our relationship. (We dated years ago and didn’t talk for 3+ years - i came back home we rekindled and have been together since). We’ve been together for almost a year now and have somehow avoided running into her this long. But here’s the problem. This woman is nuts - she’s gone to the DMV on his birthday JUST to see him (he needs his licensed renewed bc he has a CDL). She would try anything just to get him to talk to her. It’s finally allllll settled down. But today and tomorrow he plans on going to this big fair in our town. Of course we’re going together but I know if she is there she will know exactly where he is (he plays the same game every year and has gone every year he’s been alive). This seems to petty but honestly I’m losing sleep over this. What is an appropriate way to handle the situation if she comes up to us? I want to be classy and mature but honestly i don’t know how I would react if she had the nerve to come up to us. Please help me try and handle this appropriately. I don’t want to embarrass him but I have a lot of pent up anger towards her for many reasons.

Edit: My boyfriend and I live together. If that has any context here. Sorry if this is confusing I am beyond exhausted and slightly delusional.