Sticking to baby's routine when not at home


Hello ladies!

We're going to a wedding on Friday, Sept 13th (I'm a bridesmaid). Dinner is from 7 to ca 9:30pm, then everyone moves to a different location (same venue though) for the reception / dancing. Our baby is coming with us.

Our LO normally starts his bedtime routine between 7:15-7:45pm and is asleep by 8ish. We don't have a room at the hotel the wedding is at, but another bridesmaid said we can use her room to do the whole routine. We were then planning on bringing baby down to dinner with us in his bassinet stroller and hoping he stays asleep. Then for dancing...not sure. Maybe I'd send my husband back to our hotel for the night and stay for an hour or two to dance?

I guess I have a few questions for you ladies: for those with a fixed routine that's working for you, have you ever had a night or two away and then gone back to normal sleeping or does it screw it up? Any tips to make it as easy as possible for our LO?

Thanks in advance mamas!