Is a Cancer woman compatible with a Libra man? ♋️💘♎️


Well, I didn’t know where to post this so I thew it in this group, hope you don’t mind.

Here’s what I noticed: I’m a Cancer Sun, Sagittarius Moon and Libra Rising (hopefully my mother has given me the correct time of birth or else I’m a Scorpio rising 😂). Anyway, what I’ve noticed is that I’m only attracted to Libra men for the past 6 years (with 2 exceptions which were scorpio and taurus). I also feel like I’m attracting them too (sooner or later). However nothing happens, it’s just something that feels mutual but never leads somewhere (unlike my scorpio situation for example which has led to them asking me out).

Anyway, there’s this Libra boy I’ve noticed online, followed him and followed me back. From then, we like each other’s pics (always) and in my last 2 posts he was the first one to like! However I think he is not single. On Facebook he says “in a relationship” and has some pics with a specific girl and cute stuff etc. from months ago (last one from before May or something). Nothing recent.

Anyway I think I got way out of topic 😋

If any of you know cancer&libra matches or are one of these two zodiacs and have such a relationship match then please tell me what it is like, recommendations, and if it’s worth moving on or waiting for him to make a move (just to inform, I’m not texting first especially strangers and crushes, and goes without saying- never asking him if he’s single. That’s gonna be too awkward)