I don’t hate but I don’t exactly like my MIL. There was an incident a year ago between me and her which has caused me to lose my trust in her.

Problem is, she is the closest relative we have and my husband and I are about to have a baby. I’m sure I will need her to help us out and I worry my son will pick up on my displeasure towards her as he grows. MIL and I are still pleasant around each other, there are times when I feel like, maybe I can trust her again but then that feeling quickly goes away when she says something that makes me feel bad person.

Anyone ever been in a situation where they disliked their MIL but found a way to like them again? What did you guys do to strengthen the trust and bond? I don’t want my MIL to know that what she said to me a year ago still hurts me but I do want to like her, I just don’t know how to get myself to trust her again.