Just met my husbands ex mistress

So back story. Been together since we were 15, married at 21. He cheated after a year of marriage. We worked it out & have two kids now. I just walked into a convention store and there she was. Standing behind the counter. I recognized her voice from the countless calls and messages she sent. I’m not sure she realized who I am but I knew who she was. I haven’t thought of her in years but seeing her made me instantly think little of myself. She’s thin with pretty makeup & im still carrying baby weight as my LO is 3 months old. I texted my hubby to let him know she’s very pretty & when I got home he took me aside and told me “I never want to hear anything of her again. She may be some pretty girl but you know what? She isn’t my girl. You’re my girl and you are all I care about. I made a mistake but I will never do that again. You are my world.”

Guys that made me reevaluate myself. I will never be the prettiest but I’m still me & that’s al that matters.

Love yourself ladies. You are some bad bitches. Take care of yourself!


So I’m very thankful for ALL the feedback, I was sure I would get negative comments about once a cheater always one because that was my father. He cheated repeatedly on my mother. She only knew of the last time and left him for fear that he’d do it again. Which he did, every woman he was ever with he cheated on. So it hurt me when my husband did it. We were struggling with fertility and his job and the stress of it all put us both in bad places. I shut down and this girl sought him out. She became a person he confided in. It lasted for one month which I saw what was happening and begged him not to take it further. When he slept with her it broke me. I didn’t think I could stay and make it work but we talked and he promised he would never do it again. I didn’t believe him of course but I was raised if something is broken you fix it before walking away. From that moment on we were and have been completely honest with one another. No secrets, no hiding things in our phones. Passwords were shared and however we were feeling we would talk about it. When we fell pregnant with our son we hadn’t planned on it. Being pregnant with a little boy I let him know had he any thought of fooling around he should know there were no more chances. I would & will not raise my son to think it’s okay to cheat on his wife. Since becoming a mom I accepted that my body is forever changed & so has he. To him I’m not just his wife anymore, I’m his best friend & the mother of his children. He watched me labor without drugs & will never understand the pain I went through, but being the first person to hold both his son & daughter he said there is no way he could have or would ever do anything to hurt our family. I believe him, I’m free to speak my mind & that’s important because before I would keep my mouth shut. To those who wonder how I knew it was her? This woman bothered me for 2 years. I changed my number, deleted all social media & still she would send her friends to bother me. She sent photos of herself, her tattoos & said things like, my tattoos made his dick hard. He jacked off to these picks of my tits. We fucked for 4 hours long and when y’all fuck it only lasts 5 minutes. So when I saw this chest piece & heard her voice I knew who she was. She was married at the time. Her husband left her because it wasn’t the first time. She fucked my husband once & apparently he has a magical dick because she clung for 2 years. She would say she’s moving into MY house & that he still talked to her which I believed at first because he got a lot of messages but I had watched him block her. We went to at&t & blocked her as well. He surrendered his phone so I could go through it but ultimately I had to trust him. To all the positive comments I thank you. Trusting him was the right thing. We are both very happy with one another & his response is not what I expected by the way. Since it’s been years I expected him to say I haven’t done anything of that sort or thought of her so don’t bring it up again but he was very kind and understanding. Yes he should be kind to me but at the same time he has every right to tell me to move on. I have forgiven him but the fact is I won’t forget. It hurt me to my core. & seeing her have me some type of peace because yes she has been with my husband but you know what? He could have said I don’t want my wife, left me and lived with her. Instead he chose me. He saw how broken I was and treated me like I was fragile for months before finally showing how sorry he was. Now we don’t just tell each other we love one another, we show it.