Am I making baby mama drama?

Kayla • Mom of 3 beautiful babies!

Long rant but stick with me please!!

So to sum up a VERY long story the best way I can, my ex and I were divorced in 2017. Since then I have only been with 1 man who I married (and is perfect in every way!) my ex has had SEVERAL relationships and none lasting more than about a month. Several of them have been crazy! (Stealing his stuff, having child abuse charges!, being married with drama, the list goes on!)

Well, every time he gets in a new “relationship” he wants to introduce them to our 5 and 3 year old daughters right away! 😡

While I worked from 6am until midnight he has snuck girls to meet my kids and stuff 2 days after meeting a girl! He has tried to take my girls to spend the night at some random skanks house he talked to for 3 days on the Internet with! He didn’t even know her!

But anyway, he’s with this new girl now and they have been talking I guess like a month, dating for 2 whole weeks! And he already moved in with her like 2 hours from where me and the kids are. And he had her spend the night with him and my girls already!

All I have ever asked is from him is to be with a girl for a few months (since he don’t have a great track record) get to know them.. let me meet them and THEN introduce them to the kids! Like how do you know they will work out? Or she isn’t a serial killer?

But now everyone is jumping me saying I’m jealous and crazy trying to control his life when I just feel it’s responsible and watching out for my kids? I mean am I wrong?! Oh and he brought this bitch to my house to drop the kids off AFTER I told him how I felt! I about beat her! 😂