Strange symptom spotting. 4-5dpo.

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I know it's too early to "feel" pregnant, but I've definitely felt OFF for the last few days. A lot of it is in ways I can't really track, but I want to make note of it because it's not normal for me. And who knows? Maybe someone can chime in and help quell my concerns a little bit. Some may be TMI.

- Last night, I was feeling incredibly frisky... but sex with my wife didn't really do the trick. I mean, I finished, but it was much "smaller" than usual, if that makes sense.

- My CM smells different today. Not necessarily smells bad, but smells way different than it ever has. I don't know what to make of this and don't know how to explain it to my wife, who hasn't noticed a difference. It didn't smell abnormal last night, and my wife's hands were clean.

- Today is my second non-consecutive day of extreme nausea. I've usually got a pretty manageable gag reflex and a strong stomach (used to joke that I only ever threw up on purpose...) but Thursday and Saturday (today) have been a challenge not to throw up.

- I cannot for the life of me seem to get enough sleep. Most of the time I function great on 6 hours of sleep; some days if I'm lucky I'll get 7-7.5 and that'll be amazing for me. Last night I slept 9, and got a 2-hour day nap. Yesterday, another 2-hour day nap, after about 7 hours of sleep. And the day before that, 6hrs at night and *three separate* day naps, each over an hour long.

- My boobs... they itch, and they seem to be a lot rounder. Not necessarily any bigger than usual, although my wife says they look swollen... I'm thinking that it's more like... they usually look sort of half-empty and flat (I lost a lot of weight a few years back, gained most of it back, but it's not distributed the same this time around). Now they're just... round.

- My overprotective dog has been extra overprotective of my stomach. We've made a game out of it now... my wife will act like shes going to grab my belly, and my dog will growl from wherever she is. Lol.

- My belly, in general, is of interest to all our animals. I'm inclined to believe it's because they've literally never smelled sperm on me until we started actively trying, but my wife is convinced it's something bigger.

- My emotions are out of whack. Thankfully my wife has been assuming I'm pregnant, so she's taking my moods rather well LOL, but I do feel bad because I know I've been kind of a jerk and I just cannot stop myself until after... and then I just wanna go cry and cuddle about it. Gotta love that woman, because she has let me every single time.

- I've been having super weird dreams. Oddly enough, NOT dreams that I'm pregnant... but my stomach always seems to be obscured, like when an actress is pregnant and their character is not, lol. But dreams about our nonbiokids and their birthmom have come up a LOT. I think one about my wife being mean to me, IIRC. But mostly about our girls.

I know, even best case scenario, it's too early to test. But these things have got me feeling CRAZY right now.