Don’t judge 😂❤️


I’m desperate at this point, I want to be pregnant so damn bad... I paid for a psychic (DONT LAUGH😂😂😂) & I asked if they saw babies in my soon future.. he says that the next two weeks look really good for pregnancy to me... I JUST STARTED MY TWW... obviously this truly doesn’t mean anything and it’s all for fun but it has me feeling excited. I’ve had déjà vu that this is the month I get pregnant... I’m feeling really hopeful.🤰🏻💕

UPDATE #3) tested this morning and it’s negative 👎 11dpo I’m definitely out this cycle but this was so fun & thank you all so much for the stories and kind words. ❤️✨ hopefully you all get your positive this month. Baby dust. 🤞🏻 I wasn’t really expecting to be pregnant so I’m not anymore sad then any other month 😘