Whoo! This app is almost too much for me.


Long story: On one popular page, there was a poll about how old you should have to be to have sex. People were posting that mature 15 is ok! I was appalled! I just posted that I couldn’t even answer the poll because there wasn’t an option for how I feel about it. I said that I am 20 and waited until I was married (about 4 months ago🥰) and my husband and I are very happy about that. I said that I don’t think you should be having sex until you are married. I don’t care how old you are before or after you are married, if you’re not married you shouldn’t be having sex. I got some serious backlash for that and I totally understand why. I was a bit harsh.

The thing is I posted a poll asking (in a specific group) if there were any Christians on here and I got some seriously nasty responses! I’m just angry I guess and a little put off by these people. I wasn’t trying to be rude by my comment that I’ve just been surprised by how worldly people can be and I was just asking to see my Christian women out there. Then I get comments like oh only “christian” women can support you and you should really get out of this group, there are Christian groups on this app blah blah blah.

Anyways rant over. Also thanks to anyone who made it through this post!