So I have quite a few anxiety nervous ticks, but a new one I didn't even recognize for a while, but now do, is that this summer I got dandruff....soooooo I started scratching my head. Well now I feel little scabs and can NOT stop obsessing about scratching my head and picking off those little scabs! 😟🤕 It isn't noticable to anyone but I read it could cause hair loss and other issues. I just CAN'T stop. 😱 I barely have any finger nails left from biting them, I bite my lips if I run out of finger nails, and now I can't stop scratching my scalp! OMG I am in so much need of help and don't know where to seak it. I don't have a health insurance that convers this (mental) as far as I am aware, and don't have the time or comfort to really seek time consuming help. Anyone...helppp!??