Worried i lost my chance from stress?! :(


Idk what is going on! Im 19 turning 20 this month, well i had ovulated July 23rd. I started breast soreness the 27th of July! Then bloating headaches, constipation, all of the above neausea, well i started 2 days early on the 5th of September the regular 5 days. Pale pink water discharge very light & not normal, well my next period was the 2nd of september, started yesterday the 30th again light spotting well i woke up with morning to bad cramps then all in the toilet regular period. Clots & cramps. I had a faint line on a test, in the evening time i took it, bc i was having symptoms & curious. I did stress the last 2 days going through things could i have lost my chance of pregnancy?