Desperate for help

Megan • Megan💄 Ortho asst🦷 fur mom to two GSDs🐶 3 miscarriages 👼🏼 Gracie Mae🌺

As i sit on the nursery floor crying and nursing my 5 day old baby girl.. I’m writing this because I’ve never felt so helpless and a failure.

I always dreamt of being a mom but now i feel like I’m not good enough of one. I’m currently 100% breastfeeding. All day Saturday she was about every hour to 2 hour for nursing. Well the past two nights have been so bad it’s been almost every hour from anywhere 10 min to 45 min. I’ve had a total of 1 hour of sleep in the past two days. My head is heavy and i can’t even think straight. I thought maybe she didn’t like the pack and play for the bed so i came to the nursery but still the same. She has to nurse other wise she’s crying so my Juan’s can’t even help. I feel so lost.. help.