We saw our little gummy bear today! 🥺❤️


I’ve been having some really bad back aches for a few days now and was getting worried, I saw the doctor 3 days ago and he reassured me he didn’t think it was related to the pregnancy, he checked for UTIs and that was clear so that was that, where I am you only get your 1st scan at like 12/13 weeks and I just wanted to see for myself that everything is alright, my symptoms have eased off a great deal and I know I know! Symptoms come and go 🙄 but it’s my first pregnancy and you just can’t help but think the worst, anyway today we just decided to book for a private pregnancy scan, went in and we got to see our little raspberry, according to LMP I should be 7+2wks but this little gummy bear measured at 8+1wks, I am so over the moon and glad I went for this scan for my peace of mind, saw the heartbeat flickering away and everything is ok. I’m so in love ❤️