f14 confused about sexuality :/


hey guys, (prepare yourselves for a super long read hehe)

around 7th grade i declared i was a lesbian, i came out to my family who were very accepting (which im so grateful for having come from a pretty conservative latino family) i had a girlfriend who i was pretty steady with, but this caused quite a bit of attention in my school as being lgbt+ was pretty much unheard of. both my girlfriend and i were bullied as a result of this, and this even led up to us having been attacked in the street. my mom immediately began the process to transfer me into a new school, which caused alot of tension between me and my girlfriend leading us to break up. im now moving into 10th grade and ive been in my new school for about a year now. ive completley made a new life for myself, and tried to hide from my lgbt past. of course, i live in a small town and a few times people have came up to me asking "are you that lesbian girl?!" which i denied profusely and laugh it off. i constantly hit on boys in my class, and became quite well known for being the "hot new latina girl". but then, about 3 months after i met a girl, let's call her amelia. amelia came from a pretty messed upped background, having suffered domestic and sexual violence even though she was only 14. amelia and i immediatley became friends, even though she would sometimes play tricks on me and be unkind. i brushed this off, thinking that it was just her personality, and later invited her to my house for a sleepover on my birthday. amelia is quite a sexual girl, she had been known for being a "slut" and had her nudes leaked many times, often to her complete glee. by the time my sleepover cane around it was late at night, and we were both pretty tipsy on bad alcohol. she asked if i "wanted to have fun" and slipped her finger into the band of my shorts... im sure you can guess what happened next. the next day as she was leaving she messaged me asking if i was lesbian, which again i denied and blamed on the alcohol. it turned out that amelia was a pretty mean girl, and we're not friends anymore. she holds the fact that we had sex against me, and has tried to spread rumours about us, which many people luckily dont believe due to her rep as a compulsive liar. thing is, im not really sure where i stand, because currently i find boys super cute. i tried to tell my mom that i was confused and im now straight, but she thinks im lying and constantly goes "tash, i know and you know that you're gay". but im not even sure anymore. boys are hot, and girls are cute, but im scared of coming out having to face harrasment again.

any advice? (super sorry for the long read)

tl;dr f14 confused about sexuality after previously coming out as lesbian and facing backlash from school community, met a girl and now not sure where she stands even though she now finds boys attractive.