My rainbow almost lost her life 😪

Jessika • ♥️ 26 year old mommy to a 7 year old little man 9/9/12 👦🏼 • lost my sweet 2nd son 9/5/17 31 weeks 6 days 👼🏻 • Rainbow born 11/12/18 🌈 she is a meningitis survivor 🙏🏼 & is deaf 🤟🏼

I realized I’ve been off this app for a very long time and just wanted to post an update on my November baby since I was side by side with you all through my whole pregnancy!

My little rainbow was born 11/12/18 and 36 weeks via emergency c section (I lost her brother one year prior at 32 weeks)

She was in the NICU for 10 days and then we got to take her home ♥️

She was perfect ! Everything we could have hoped for and more!

At 2 months of age she got a cold. I took her to the hospital because I noticed she wasn’t getting better. They said she was okay and that it was just taking longer because she’s little. Two weeks later I look her back in and hey said the same thing.

One day I woke up and she was not responsive. I picked her up and she screamed out in pain. I rushed her to the hospital and told them her soft spot is swollen something is WRONG and I would not leave this time until they did SOMETHING.

My sweet baby was being transported to the children’s hospital less that 20 mins later.

They had no answers for me. They only said that we needed to get there ASAP.

I followed that ambulance 45 mins to the children’s hospital in tears

When we arrived she was rushed into the back and seen immediately. They were all yelling some code as we were coming in.

When the doctor got to us he said “we are praying that this is not what we think” and has me sign consent for a spinal. They told me their fear was that it’s bacterial meningitis and that they were going to start antibiotics just in case.

They came back in 20 mins after her Spinal and said “I’m so sorry , our worst fears are being realized”

I feel to my knees. How could this be happening to us again? How can we be losing ANOTHER one of our children?!

I pleaded and begged “please tell me she will live” and he said “I’m so sorry, she is very very sick and all we can do is hope and pray at this point”

We spent a week in the PICU and I watched my baby fight for her life. She didn’t laugh. She didn’t smile. She didn’t talk at all.

They said she may have had strokes and seizures and that this almost always leaves brain damage if the baby survives.

I looked into those beautiful brown eyes and I knew. She was there. She was still there and she was fighting.

One day , they said , “she’s being moved out of the PICU. She’s a fighter and she’s going to make it “

The best news. All I had been praying for is just for her to live. I don’t care what side effects there were.

Her big brother got to come see his sister for the first time in weeks. He was so scared he was losing another baby.

She was improving every day! She was on long term antibiotics.

We got brain scans back and NO STROKE NO SEIZURES ! It was a miracle. Every doctor on her team came in to see her and each one said they just couldn’t believe this was the same baby who they seen the first night!

We realized that something was not right still.

She was still not talking or even responding to sound. She would only smile if we could get her attention.

So they started brain scans and testing.

They pulled us out of the room and sat us down “I’m so sorry, RileyMae is deaf in both ears”

What?!? My sweet child is DEAF?! My once hearing baby couldn’t hear anything at all anymore.

Though we were happy she was alive , this was hard to hear.

We started to discuss options.

A week later , RileyMae became the second youngest baby to every receive a cochlear implant in the USA! At 3 months old RileyMae had the implant placed on her left ear!

After one more night of recovery we were finally taking our baby home again. One month of living in the hospital was finally over !

We now are so blessed to have a happy healthy almost 10 month old baby girl!

She has regained hearing in her right ear and her cochlear make her hear almost perfectly in the left!

Here is my miracle baby girl today!

Little miss Smiley Riley ♥️

She has a Facebook page “smiley Riley” if y’all would like to see more of her story including a media video the hospital made

I hope you all are doing amazing with your November babies!

Thank you for reading 💗💗💗