Pregnant moms who have lost weight in the past ...


So at my highest weight I was about 306 lbs. I worked really hard and over the course of about a year and a half I lost 100+lbs. I was down to about 200-205 depending on the day. I felt amazing. During this time I met my now-husband. Since I met him in 2017, I gained a little bit back (I hear that happens when you’re in a happy relationship and I am VERY happy with him). In May, I got pregnant and weighed around 214-215. Now I am 19 weeks and weigh about 225. I am struggling so hard with this weight gain. I know it’s all for my baby girl and I understand that when you get pregnant you will gain weight. But I have body image issues and it’s really messing with my head. My thoughts are “Does my husband still find me attractive?” “Will he want to have sex with me if I keep gaining weight?” “I hate myself because I gained weight.”

I’ve talked to him about this and he assures me he still finds me beautiful and is still turned on by me and nothing will change that. I believe that... for now. My point of this long post is, has any one else been in a similar situation and how did you cope with how you felt? I would love to just have some input from some other Mommas who know how I feel.