Transitioning to big boy bed

Stephanie • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🤰🏼

Looking for advice on transitioning my son (turns 3 mid-December) to his big boy bed in his new big boy room. I am due with baby #2 at the beginning of November and would like my son transitioned to his new room soon. I want to have him transitioned soon because I have heard not to do it right after having a new baby. The new bedroom (minus the bed) has been all set up for about a month now. We refer to it as his new room and he has seemed very excited about it. On Saturday his new bed finally came in (twin size) and he again seemed excited about it. He slept in it that night and took his nap yesterday in it with no problem. Then last night he told us he wanted to sleep in the baby bed and same with his nap. Any advice from others that have already transitioned their 2 year olds? I don’t want to be too forceful with him, but I don’t want him flip flopping between rooms for too long either. Is pulling the mattress out of the crib a good idea or it isn’t an option? TIA