Venting a little

I’m a little bummed that we cant afford to throw out own baby shower like we had planned due to my SO loosing his job and his new job doesn’t pay as great. I’m due October 23 and I feel like we aren’t ready at all. I’m a second time mom and I’m super worried about how we can do this. We don’t even have a car seat or diapers stocked up. I feel like I should just get a job at 32 weeks pregnant just to be able to buy some things and pay the bills too.

We only have a couple outfits and blankets, A pack of 1 diapers, my daughters old play pin with newborn attachments.

I feel hopeless and a little upset that we are in this position. The worse thing about it all is that my SO doesn’t like talking about it . He spends most of his money on stupid things and I’m tired of repeating myself when asking him to save up the only income we do have...


I don’t have Facebook so that’s out of the question for free or cheap stuff

I wanted to have a little get together but I feel like it would be boring.. I don’t have many friends who would even show up. My family is very small (my mom & 2 brothers/ a sister) that’s it and same for my SO Family.