Ex texted me so CONFUSED


Hey guys I’m so confused ! So my ex bf broke up with me about 2 months ago ! I literally begged him to not leave me and made me feel like the shittiest person speacially a month ago when we had sex and made me feel like he wanted me but then just said he didn’t want to be with me ! 2 weeks ago I texted him so he can sign some papers to change a bill to his name so he had came to my house and also to drop off some of my stuff we stayed in the car and every time I asked if he still love me or not he wouldn’t answer when he ended up leaving I texted him that I love him so much that I cared for him a lot and he responded this is the last time you’ll hear from me ! I was just so heart broken , so since then I didn’t bother texting him again because I have begged him so much and nothing he just would be mean and nothing of what I said would make him be with me . Until 3 days ago he randomly texted me where you at ? I didn’t respond so he kept sending question marks so it had been a couple hours when I texted him back and he said he had text me cause he was going to go watch a movie that he wanted to see if I wanted to go with him but by the time I texted him back it was the next day and then we texted the whole afternoon yesterday and today he hasn’t texted me so I’m so confused why would he just text me when he had said two weeks ago that was the last time I was going to hear from him?