Is he using me or is he taking his time?


So I’ve been talking to this guy and we hang out a lot. I really like him but not sure if he likes me. He’s taken me out to breakfast, he’s filled up my tank to take him to work and has bought me food and bought me some alcohol. We cuddle, talk a lot.. I just spent the whole weekend at his place.. but he texts a lot of girls and I’ve seen him save nudes on his phone of a couple different girls. He’s even showed me a few. He’ll scroll through FB and be like oh man this chick is hot. And when we were at Walmart he walked away from me because he thought this guy was flirting with me and he said sorry didn’t want to ruin his shot. And I’ve talked to his sister in law.. she’s said that he doesn’t bring any girls over just me. And he wouldn’t bring me around his nephew or family if he wasn’t interested in me. She said she really thinks he likes me but is afraid to commit because he’s had some rough relationships. So I’m totally confused...

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