Is he insecure or am I crazy?

Sierra • Heyy:) I'm Sierra 💕

Hey ladies, So I started talking to this guy and he was interested in getting to know me. We snapped back and forth but I eventually stopped to eat dinner with my mom lol I left him on read for less than an hour. He messaged me twice on the app we met through and 4 more times on Snapchat. He got mad and said I was being rude and that we don't get along. I sent him a few snaps back explaining what I was doing and that I was interested in getting to know him better. No response. He left me on delivered. I'm confused. Its weird. Never had this happen before with any guy. Probably will just get delete him but I think he may have been hurt before or has trust issues/insecurities. And I can understand that because we all have issues but to push someone away that quick because they didn't respond right away. Wow. That's another level. Not trying to be mean cause I have my own issues but damn. Sorry but ain't nobody got time for that😂🤣