Wish me luck

Natalie • Wife, 💑 mother to a bubbly toddler 👶 and four Angels 👼❤ Due with my 🌈 baby girl January 2021

UPDATE: what a weird appointment. Last week they found a gestational sac and yolks sac, and this week, 8 days later, there's suddenly an embryo! measuring 6+1. They measured only the sac last week. Still no detectable heartbeat. The doctor says she's seen this happen before. Possibly ovulated late, which happens after a miscarriage (got pregnant with this pregnancy immediately after a miscarriage). They want me back in a week, and by then if the pregnancy is viable, there would be a heartbeat. I'm an emotional wreck.

Headed in to my second ultrasound to find out if I indeed do have a blighted ovum, or I was just behind on my dates. 9+3 today according to lmp, but would be 7+3 based off the measurements of last weeks scan. Not very hopeful, but Wish me luck...