Help! My baby won’t sleep alone

Destanie • Mommy to Maliyah 💞 Baby #2 due in may 2021

I’m not sure what to do. My three week old won’t sleep unless she’s in bed with me. I’ve tried to have her sleep in her bassinet but she just won’t do it. I’ll hold her until she’s in a deep sleep and I’ll lay her down in it and she’ll sleep for 10 maybe 20 minutes and then wake up screaming until I pick her up, but if she’s in bed with me she stays in a deep sleep. Also when I hold her she stays asleep for hours with no problem. It’s been like this since she was born even in the hospital she didn’t sleep unless she was in my arms. I know bed sharing is bad but that’s the only thing that’s allowing both of us to get sleep at this moment. Has anyone else gone through this and does anyone have any advice on how to change this?? Thank you all!