Second growth ultrasound 🙄


So last week I had an ultrasound to see how big baby was measuring. She was 5lbs 9oz at 34+6 and in the 43rd percentile. So not too big 🤷🏼‍♀️ and don’t get me wrong. I love seeing my little girl and making sure she’s healthy !

I went today for my weekly appointment and they want to do ANOTHER ultrasound next week bc she said baby is measuring big based on my fundal height 🙄 my weight has stayed the same the past three visits, and three visits ago I even lost a pound ...

I’m close to being fully effaced based on my cervical check and the doctors explanation but cervix is still closed. I have been having more, timeable Braxton Hicks that are getting a little more painful.

I guess I’m really just venting to y’all bc I’m short with a short torso, an average sized baby, but I look enormous. I’m in so much pain in my hips and back, I work entirely on my feet as a rad tech so I’m constantly wearing 20+ pounds of lead a day. I’m just so over going to work, but HAVE to work up to delivery bc I don’t have enough PTO to get paid all 12 weeks, and I REFUSE to not take 12 weeks. She’s running out of room, I don’t WANT another ultrasound bc I know it’s literally due to my body habitus but I just want to progress more ! Lol.

I’ll be 36+4 next doctors appointment, so getting super close to term ! Picture for reference of my belly 😂