Sex all the time

So me and my SO have sex almost everyday. He wants sex and oral sex everyday like 5 time a day. I give in most days but it’s making depressed. He will focus on needs when I ask but still I just don’t want it. When it’s ovulation week my body wants sex all the time but the rest of the month I just don’t want it at all and the closer I get to my period it can get painful. He will also tell me to just say no but when I do that he walks around mad with a attitude so I just do it. He makes me feel like he’s one of my kids. Like how you give a kid candy when they are crying so they will stop. We have been together for 6 years and it just seems like his sex drive keeps going up. Idk what to do. Do I just keep giving in to keep the peace in the house or don’t and we will fight non stop about it. He keeps telling me I need to boost my sex drive but I think his is just too high. Idk if it’s because he works out all the time or what. 😓