32 Weeks, Hiding A Beachball, The End Is Near

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.... I can't see my feet or vajay anymore.

Sleeping is a rarity.

I don't think my baby sleeps at all, there's always something in my ribcage.

I'm in fairly decent shape, but still often out of breath.

If I drop something, guess where it's staying?

& if one more woman tells me im too small for 8mos they're gonna hear the F.bomb.

But, I love her so much & I can't wait to meet her. I'm kinda over being pregnant, and ready to bring her home. This last month is going to drag by!

Due Dec 5th, 1st due date was Nov 27th. Next appt is on Weds measurements should be ok.

How is 32 weeks treating everyone else? Share those 32 week bumps!!!!