Need advice

So this is gonna sound pathetic but I need some serious advice. So my husband and I have been together for almost 8 years we’ve got two amazing children and we’ve had some pretty amazing times together as well as rough. Well as of lately I’ve been struggling really hard with depression and I’ve asked him to help support me. He tells me he’s not sure how. I tell read something watch a YouTube video. And trust me he’s got time since as I’m typing this he’s upstairs playing video games like a 12 year old boy. But he also works and I mean he is a great working man but when he comes home he wants to eat shit shower and sleep. He’ll majority help a little with the kids change a pee diaper cuz he refuses to do poop diapers play a little with our 4 year old. And off to bed. On the weekends I can’t plan to much cuz he just wants to relax at home. We barely have sex cuz he hates it. Basically he is a good guy but I’m not happy with him anymore. I want more I want to feel loved. I want him to touch my broken body and make it feel whole again. I wanna feel the touch of another human being that isn’t nagging or crying at me. But anytime I tell him I want to leave he guilts me with “your gonna take my kids away from me.” I would never do that but he barely spends time with them now anyway. He wanted to hire someone to teach our son how to throw a baseball instead of going outside and teaching him him self. He’d rather sit and play video games then help around the house or with the kids. I just not sure if I should suck it up or actually leave. I really do care for this man. But he’s not the man I married. There’s so much more that’s he’s gone back on but I can’t write it all. I just want to know if I should truly feel guilty if I left.